Basic digital marketing techniques

Digital marketing is a collection of digital communication channels for brand promotion. It differs from internet marketing? In that it uses digital channels and tools to attract consumers to the virtual environment, while internet marketing is used only in the internet space.  

A key feature of digital marketing is an integrated and comprehensive approach to the use of digital technologies in brand promotion digital marketing companies. The main channels of communication are used in conjunction with each other to achieve the best effect. At the same time, they can be combined with traditional offline channels (outdoor advertising, advertising on TV and radio), as well as use non-traditional promotion channels (for example, advertising in video games and in mobile applications). A good example is QR codes on outdoor advertising in the metro, with the help of which mobile device users can go to the company’s website.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in English. It is a collection of techniques, disciplines and optimization strategies (such as content editing, site navigation, and link campaigns) for sites, blogs and web pages that are designed to improve your ranking. You can make your website one of the first to appear in relevant search results and get the public to find the product or service you offer faster, increasing your business opportunities.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and refers to all strategies that help increase the visibility and accessibility of sites and web pages created by search engines. Keywords and paid ad creation are associated with these strategies.

The difference between SEO and SEM is that the former focuses on creating organic (or natural) visibility in search results, while the latter is based on advertising campaigns through paid ads on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing is a digital marketing method based on the creation and distribution of content to gain public attention. This method is widely used by companies looking to increase the visibility of your product or service. Its goal is to engage the user in developing relationships that can be long-term.

The content that is created using this type of online marketing techniques is not geared towards advertising a product, but rather attracting potential customers of a brand by creating high quality content that can solve their problems.

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Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a set of activities performed to promote products or services via social media or blogs and thus establish communication with the public.

Its goal is to establish relationships in interaction with its customers, while increasing brand awareness and thus indirectly increasing its sales.

Major digital marketing channels and tools

SMM (Social media marketing)?. One of the most important channels through which companies and brands can establish long-term relationships with their customers and receive prompt feedback from them. Today it stands out as a separate area of ​​marketing, which includes many tools and tactics.

Mobile devices. All kinds of ways to promote brands using digital gadgets. This includes in-app ads, SMS alerts, mobile banner ads, etc.   

Search engine marketing. This channel also includes several basic tools such as SEO optimization, contextual and targeted advertising. This tool is mainly concerned with reaching consumers through search engines.

Gamification. A special form of brand communication with the consumer, expressed in the use of game forms of interaction. In addition to the obvious use of advertising in online games, where the target audience is? rather narrow, it can be used in other channels, including offline.

The main advantage of digital marketing and its advantage over many other marketing tools is the ability to collect clear and objective information about the target audience and promotion results.